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These are strange times we are living through right now!  Just days ago, we were all going about our business, living our lives and taking care of our affairs.  Then the Coronavirus hit and turned our lives upside down!  You know the details, so I won’t dwell on that.  And you know how your life has been affected, so I don’t need to address that.

But I do want to share some thoughts about how Cross Roads has been impacted and changed us, probably forever.  When the seriousness of the virus became evident, and the recommendation was made to limit contact to no more than ten people, I called all of our Deacons and Staff together to decide what CRBC would do going forward.  After prayer and some discussion, we reached the obvious conclusion that all activities and services at the Church would need to be suspended and that we should pursue an aggressive online presence.  

I said that night, and have repeated often, that maybe it’s time for us to move from an attitude of “coming to Church” to a mindset of “being the Church”.  Those are two very different things.  It is easy to “come to Church”, sit and listen, and then leave and live your life as you always have.  But to “be the Church” requires that we each submit ourselves to Christ and follow His will for our lives.  “Being the Church” requires that we be in a constant process of growing in our faith and allowing Christ to remove anything in us that does not look like Him.  We will explore more about “being the Church” in the future.  It will be an ongoing process for each of us. 

A big part of “Being the Church” is remembering what makes us the Church.  We are the Body of Christ, and that was made possible by what Christ accomplished on Easter Sunday.  That is always the most important day of the year for the Church as we celebrate the resurrection of Christ and His victory over sin and death.  While we won’t be able to gather together for that celebration this year, nothing can stop us from celebrating nonetheless!  

You will find a schedule of our Online opportunities on the Home page.  Be sure to tune in when you can.  It is amazing how the Lord is using our services.  Literally thousands of people are viewing the various services and activities that have been online. Please continue to pray that God will use the efforts for His glory!   

We’re going to get through this!  And we’re going to come out of it even stronger and more committed than ever before!  I believe it!  Won’t you join me in praying that God receives all of the glory for that victory when it comes? 

Please let me know how I can pray for you. 

With love and appreciation,
Bro. John


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