Cross Roads Baptist Church
Happy New Year!  Here we are at the beginning of 2020 with all of its potential and promise.  It’s time to make plans, to dream dreams and to consider what God wants to do in us and through us in the coming months, both as individuals and as a Church. 

As 2019 draws to a close, it is also appropriate to look back over the last 12 months and count the ways that God has blessed us, both as individuals and as a Church.  Of course, in every year, we encounter difficulties and disappointments, but we must remember that even through those times, God is always faithful to help us, guide us and sustain us. 

2019 was a year of facility improvements at Cross Roads.  The Playground was completed. Lighting was installed on the playground, the play field and the gravel parking area.  A new copier was purchased for the Church Office.  Also, several pieces of equipment were added to the Church kitchen, including an additional food warmer, a steam cooker and a soft-serve Ice Cream machine!  And all those items were purchased from available funds. 

In September, we voted to purchase a new 15 passenger bus.  The cost of the bus was $65,000.00.  We had $30,000.00 in the Bus Fund.  The balance of $35,000.00 would be paid with extra funds when they became available.  Well, when the bus was delivered on December 18, it was fully paid for!  God certainly has blessed Cross Roads, and we pray for those blessings to continue into 2020 and beyond.   

With the retirement of Bro. Charles Wallace as our Associate Pastor and Minister of Music, we began to search for the person that God wanted to fill that need.  God led us to Bro. Byron Green who began his ministry at Cross Roads on December 16.  We welcome Bro. B, his wife Michelle, and their children Alex and William. 

Upgrading our equipment and facilities and adding to our Staff have certainly been ways that the Lord has blessed Cross Roads in 2019, but perhaps the greatest blessing was the starting of a Discipleship Ministry called D-Groups.  We began with 13 Groups and about 70 participants.  Each D-Group member follows a reading list and studies one chapter from the Bible each day, asking the Holy Spirit to teach them what He wants them to learn from that chapter.  The Group meets once each week to share what the Lord taught them through their studies that week.  All reports have been positive, and the testimonies are inspiring when individuals share how much it has meant to participate in a D-Group. 

What blessings does God have in store for Cross Roads in 2020?  Only He knows!  But if we keep our focus on Jesus and seek to follow, obey and serve Him, He will certainly continue to bless His Church. 

Please let me know how I can serve you in the coming days.

Bro. John 

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